Discovery Call: The first step of our process is a 20 minute phone call with Lindsey to hear more about your goals including, Project Scope, Ideal Timeline & Budget

Design Questionnaire: After the initial call, we will send you a design questionnaire that will give us a better understanding of, Your lifestyle, Design style, and Design goals.

Onsite Consultation: The design and construction team will be onsite at your home for 90 minutes to ensure we are addressing the full scope of the design + build project.

Proposal: After the onsite consultation, we’ll work behind the scenes to complete a proposal that includes rough estimates for both construction and design. Once you receive that proposal, a deposit towards the design investment and a signed agreement secure your spot on our calendar.



Following a signed agreement and deposit, we will begin to design! The upfront portion of design will be conceptual – we will take what we’ve learned so far to portray options for the overall vision using mood boards to convey our design ideas to you. We will work towards the best form and function for what your space(s) could be through layout concepts. 

The remaining portion of the design will be technical – we will turn the visual concepts into something custom and unique through renderings and the sourcing of final selections. This portion of the design process greatly impacts the construction phase as we will finalize construction budget based on detailed design plan for precise execution by our contractor, onsite trades and subcontractors. 



Once you have approved the overall design, we will move into the construction and procurement phase which includes:

1. Creation of a construction schedule including project start date.

2. Managing the procurement of materials from our curated vendors and artisans.

3. Overseeing the implementation of the design plan into the build plan via thorough communication with our team of licensed and insured tradesmen.

4. Weekly updates on the progress of your project.

5. Coordination of rough + final inspections.

Timeline: The scope of work for your area of interest and availability on the White Pine calendar will determine timing of the construction phase of your project. Our projects are in high demand, resulting in a current waitlist of 6-12+ months. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring your project receives the attention it deserves. Your patience will be rewarded with a beautifully crafted outcome that exceeds your expectations.



Once the final inspection is complete, the construction phase is finished! From there, we will begin the installation phase which includes the following:

  • Professional cleaning.
  • Staging and styling of purchased furnishings for your enjoyment (if applicable).
  • Professional photoshoot (if applicable).
  • Delivery of ‘goodbye packet’ which includes any relevant information based on your selections (warranty info, specific cleaning recommendations, etc).

We value enhancing your home from start to finish, overseeing your project from design concept through construction and into furnishing + styling – crafting an artful and curated home composition.