Simplicity gives way to character that can be noticed and appreciated.

Sep 12, 2023 | Design

This is not a brand new home and neither did we want to mimic ‘brand new’. We wanted to create character and put it on display. This meant ‘custom’ and ‘detail’ would be key components to our design. Every home renovation consists of a variety of details but because there were so many custom pieces in this home, we had infinitely more detailed decisions to make!

We brought about a totally different layout and designed kitchen cabinetry that was custom built, locally, by Cento Anni. The entertainment area and adjacent brick fireplace were simplified but not without great thought and craftsmanship.

Structural changes like the removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room and sinking the living room called for greater discernment on furnishings and overall space planning. WPD is a distributer of the French, white oak flooring line we used here. We knew this favorite flooring selection would stand the test of time for this home.

The speakeasy pantry utilized every nook and cranny which was so rewarding. We love the pantry doors installed with gorgeous piano hinges, the stone top and shorter-than-typical backsplash, the walnut shelves and cupboards. Around the corner, we utilized space above a stairway to incorporate a large storage cupboard, blending it into its surroundings.

The materials were selected for both beauty and optimal performance: French white oak floors, stone countertops and backsplash with photo ledge, champagne bronze plumbing fixtures, custom limewashed hood, the perfect hardware, the lighting… each selection brings depth to the story of this home.

We were able to design and build great character into this home through a collaboration between our homeowners and our team, and our team with our tradespeople. The character we hoped to accomplish from the beginning was brought full circle with the intentional styling.

Thank you for joining us on this home story.



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